They say it protects your teeth.  It doesn't.  Cavity rates are the same in countries that don't fluoridate.  Sodium Fluoride would be the "best choice" for "tooth health". 
Instead, They use fluorosilic acid, a byproduct of aluminum manufacturing.

This poison is expensive to dispose of.
In the 1950's, the aluminum industry was overloaded with this toxic waste.  They convinced the government to buy it at a 20,000% markup and they injected
it into our water supply.

Sodium Flouride is used to kill rats and cockroaches.
It's a deadly poison with no effective antidote.   It's the most effective rat-killer.

The nazis were the first group to fluoridate water*
They added it to the water in the ghettos and prison camps.  The gestapo didn't care about children's teeth.  They wanted to sterilize humans and force the Jews into calm submission.
After the war, Nazi mind control scientists were brought to America (by the CIA) through operation paperclip.  The USA began to experiment with fluoridation in 1946.

*No one knows how much flourine the Nazis added to the water, but it doesn't look good (to put it mildly).

fluorine shortens our life span
It promotes various cancers and mental disturbances.  It reduces the IQ of developing children.  It makes humans stupid, docile, and subservient.
Alzheimer's Disease is caused by aluminum in the brain.  Fluorine has a strong desire to 'bond' with aluminum.

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