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On the beat

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Guitar rhythm exercises, read sheet music, notate sheet music, rhythm guitar  

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Guitar rhythm exercises, learn to read sheet music, play rhythm guitar, guitar strumming patterns

More Rhythm Exercises
How to read rhythms

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These free guitar rhythm exercises help strumming patterns for rhythm guitar.  These rhythm notation exercises teach guitar
strumming technique. 
Learn to mute rhythm guitar strumming and play guitar fast and be a guitar hero in a rock band.  You'll learn how to
read sheet music notation.  The rhythm studies help a guitar teacher give free guitar lessons.  You'll play and write guitar

songs easier.   You'll make guitar music easier and understand sheet music better.  The rhythm exercises helps guitar songwriting. 
Put the free guitar lessons rhythm exercises on your website and please keep my name on it!!!   How do I read rhythm notes?
How do I read sheet music?  This will learn guitar rhythm strums for you. Thanks, Josh Grimm.  GuitarSongwriting.com