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Things to do while walking
Staying Thin
Sexy sucks!

If you feel good, you can play good.
Exercise releases endorphins.
It keeps you thin and healthy.  
Pro musicians are often sexy.   It's bullshit, I know.

Exercise helps you focus.  
It's meditation on your feet.  
Soccer or roller hockey puts me in the zone.  
Then I'll play guitar better.  

Exercise makes you smarter.  


Jam in your head
Your pounding feet keep the beat.  
You can get "runners high" (a natural buzz).  

Wear good shoes, and don't push yourself too hard.  
Avoid jogging, biking and hiking with heavy loads
It can cause injury.  Rest well.   


It's easier to sing.
You need less air in your lungs.
Take your metronome.

Biking can tighten up your hands
You're leaning on them all the time.  
Do your stretches


Walking is relaxing.    
You can do a lot while walking.  

Inline skates

It doesn't hurt your knees.
It feels like your flying.

I take my guitar and pocket amp.  I play while I skate.
If you fall, you break your guitar.
You stop thinking about your fingers.  
You play from the subconscious.  

If you're inexperienced...
Wear wrist guards, gloves, elbow pads, knee pads and a helmet.  

Your more likely to break a wrist, but the skull will kill you.  


1.   BUY A POCKET AMP  (small battery powered amp)      
My 2nd favorite practice method, after Jamming

Pocket Rock it       Pandora      
(I make no $)

Go for a walk with your guitar
Rollerblade with your guitar.  

Plug your metronome into the pocket amp.   (or tie it around your neck).  
Pandora's let you select drum beats and effects.

Run the output into a portable recorder (30$ to 90$)

Buy a headset mic     (a battery powered condenser mic is 120$)
Run that through your pocket amp.  
A pandora has 2 inputs.  You can walk, play and sing.

2.   Sing at the top of your lungs.  
         It's ok if it sucks, thats why you walked into the woods.  
         Give your vocal chords a workout.
       Take a metronome
         Take a portable recording device.

         Take a notebook to record lyric ideas.

3.     Listen to music.    Sing along.  Make up your own simple part.

4.     Air Guitar
   When you imagine music... or listen to music.
Roll your left hand fingers into your palms.  
           Tap your right hand fingers.
           Imagine your right hand is strumming.    

5.     Stretch
your hands.  Get them loosened up for practice.

6.     Meditate.
 Be clear and still.  This is what you need for playing.


My body loves fat.  
Even when I jogged every day, I was 70 pounds overweight.  
Here's how I lost it.  

Don't eat for 3 hours before bed.
It's OK to eat if you've been exercising.
Protein shakes are great at night.  Low calories, muscle / metabolism boost
It's OK to eat vegetables.

Exercise before breakfast.  
This way you'll burn pure fat (no food calories are in your system).
              But....   a large breakfast boosts your metabolism.
              Maybe do a hundred situps, or jog a half mile.

Don't over do it.  You can hurt yourself.     
I was 70 pounds overweight and I started jogging 8 miles before breakfast every other day.
After a month.... I didn't walk for 6 months.
I gave myself pattela femmoral syndrome in both knees.
Too  much destruction, without rebuilding.
I lost the weight and I thought I'd never walk again.  
I needed specialists and rehab.
I thought I'd never dance again....
My knees hurt all the time... fuck it.  I can dance.      

Eat a big breakfast,
The skinniest people eat the biggest breakfasts
Up to 500 calories.

Drink 16 oz of water for breakfast.
This makes your metabolism 4 times stronger

Walking or jogging ?
Jogging burns fat and muscle.  
For the last billion years, people ran to catch dinner, or avoid being dinner.
It triggers massive energy conversion.  

It makes your legs huge.   People will assume your fat.
Walking burns almost as many calories anyways.

NO fast food, No soda (cola, pop).  
These things make all kids fat..
Sugar and fat are both addictive.  
A bear eats the fattiest part of a fish because it's body tells it to.  
You're the same way.

The bodies sugar requirement is zero.

Don't buy junk food at the store.
This is the first line of defense.  Read the nutrition labels on everything you buy.

Allow yourself 200 calories of sweets a day.
I like Cranberry oatmeal cookies.  Healthier than a pepsi.
Dark chocolate is high in anti-oxidants and good for you!  (in small doses).  

Skim milk instead of whole milk.  
Turkey instead of hamburger.  

Feta or parmesian cheese instead of cheddar.
Mustard instead of mayo.
Apple instead of ice cream.

Healthiest foods.  Sweet potatoes, Oats, Walnuts, Broccoli, Spinach, Dark Chocolate, Soy, Blueberries, Salmon, Onion  

Eat less carbohydrates
Your body needs carbs to store fat.

On days that you exercise, eat more carbs.

Your body needs carbs to build muscle.
Muscle burns fat.

Eat more healthy fat
Don't overdo it, but eat almonds, wallnuts, etc.
Cutting all the fat is bad,
Your body thinks your starving, and it saves fat for later.

You can boost healthy fat up to 35% of your calorie intake, if you cut carbs to 15% 

Eat more!
You'll get hungry every 3 hours
Eat....   Or you crash your metabolism.
You're fooling your body.
It thinks it's summertime....there's plenty of food.... and it's ok to burn fat.

Find fun exercise!
I like to dance, chase soccer balls, rollerblade, and work hard.
I don't lift weights anymore, do situps, etc...
Do what you enjoy!

Healthy supplements
You can find most of these at Walmart
Or search for "Prosource supplements" online.

Metabolism:  3 best....
Protein shakes.      Cross micro filtration is best (18$ at wallmart).  Take 1 to 3 a day.
Cayyenne pepper pills     Up to 3 a day.  Super healthy, boosts metabolism.
Green Tea pills                   Up to 3 a day.  Boost metabolism.

ZMA   zink magnesium supplement, boost testosterone, (prosource brand ZMA)
B complex, boost metbolism.
I have some concern over high vitamin B-6 levels when using ZMA and B-complex.
Take less ZMA than recommended, or find a supplement that is only Zink, Magnesium,
Or skip the B multivitamin.

It won't kill you though, and they do get results.

Hair, nails, skin complex        Biotin, Collagen, etc.
Hyaluronic acid                        Makes skin look younger, smoother   (prosource site)
Lycopene                                   Antioxidant, prevents prostate cancer, improves skin elasticity

Hyaluronic acid       Increases joint fluid 
Calcium                     Bone support
Glucosamine            Rebuilds cartilage

Other supplements
Fish oil                      Omega 3 and 6 fats
Flaxseed                   Fats and natural B vitamins  

A pill holder will organize daily doses.

Don't overuse supplements.
These are the ones I like.
They'll make you feel younger and stronger.
Others may be perfect for your needs.  Learn about them.

Testosterone boosters, cell growers (myostatin regulators), human growth hormone boosters.

Take 25%- 33% dosages.  (I used to max them ALL out).  
It's easy come, easy go muscle....
If you want insane strength and speed, they'll do it.
I was 20 pounds overweight and the best soccer player in town.

These things grow cells, cancer is also a cell.
They have no long term studies.
They are natural... So is anthrax.

Stop drinking poison
Tap water is nasty.
It has arsenic, heavy metals, chlorine, pharmaceuticals and pesticide in it.
Buy a reverse osmosis filter, or buy water from the store (or a water shed).

Looking young

Lose the weight.
    Fat causes chubby cheeks.  Chubby cheeks cause folds and wrinkles.
    Fat goes, the source of wrinkles go.

Stress less.
     Stress makes you look old and feel old.  Ditch it.

Skin supplements
      Make your skin young and soft.
Clean and moisturized
     Wash your face,
      Use a good moisturizer.  I like Gold Bond Ultimate Healing.  
      Get it right under your eyes, that's where age wrinkles are most apparant.

Smile !!!!!!
    I have a hot friend who never smiles.
    She thinks she's ugly!!!  She's not, she makes herself unnaproachable.
    Smile.   It hides wrinkles too!
    People will smile back.  You'll feel happier, and you can share it with people who need it.


I've seen both sides....
I had terrible acne until I was 18.
I was 70 pounds overweight until 25.
I was told I looked 45 at age 23.

I lost the weight and wrinkles....
I got carded buying beer at age 28.
Teenage girls started staring at me.  It made me uncomfortable!
An old friend tried to rape me.  I said no, and it was very unpleasant.

Sexy sucks....
It has no value.  I thought it would make me happy.  It didn't.
I was still shy, I still hated myself, I still wouldn't look at people.

People assume I'm a player and an asshole, cuz I'm tall and thin.
People give me dirty looks, (just like I used to give hot girls).
I still have trouble looking at girls.
They assume it's because I'm "too good for them"
I'm just shy!

Sexy is....
A bunch of people ignoring each other.
People assuming things.
People with ego problems.

Sexy is also confidence...
A lot of my female friends at goth night are very sexy,
They understand that it doesn't matter!
And they aren't shy!  
They made an effort to talk to me, and they're my friends now!

Do you hear me guys and girls???
Stop being shy, and you'll have sexy friends.
Know who you are, and accept others for who they are.
You'll attract a sexy guy or girl...  when you realize the value of sexy!!

So I got older looking and slightly chubbier.  
I stopped wearing nice clothes,

I realized I didn't care if I was hot.....  and I feel happy.

I'm still thin, but I look more my age, and it's OK!
Be happy!  Thats all you need to do!    Be friendly     Love yourself     Love other people
That's all you need to do.

If people respond negatively, let them!  They don't understand!

Get skinny because it feels good, not so you can look good!
Be a real person.  Real people are always sexy, no matter what they look like!

Ask any super hot girl the value of being sexy....
She might tell you she's lonely!  Because "real good guys" are scared of her, and players aren't!
Sexy isn't worth anything!!!!!

Some sexy people like it... 
Because it gets them what they want.

Some of them are whores.  They get laid all the time.  They get addicted to it.
Some of them have ego problems.  They think genetics makes them superior!  Hitler thought that too...
Some of them are sociopaths.  Their countless relationships end badly, and they forget what emotions are!

Sex is silly.  I'm a virgin and I'M HAPPY!!!
Getting what you want is silly.  I never get what I want and I'M HAPPY!!
Ignoring peoples feelings is silly and mean!!!

Just be happy!!!   Just be yourself!!!    JUST BE!!!!!!!!

To put it in perspective better.
See Spirituality.      (non denominational physics discourse)

It will help you stop understanding reality.