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Be patient.
It took me 4 years to play at a level I was happy with. 
It's a circular skill.   All skills lead to everything else.  
Make music today.   Play and sing something simple.

Basic Concepts

Essence:  the simple version of a song.   See jamming
It's the simple version of the rhythm and chord extensions.            
     The end result is complex when you are done.

Work hard.  
VanHalen practiced 8 hours a day.  
Hendrix jammed 12 -14 hours a day.

Understand the process.
I used to jam and rock out.  
I relaxed, focused on the rhythm, listened and reacted.  
The music created itself.  
It was simple because I understood it.

Your mind is the key.  
If you say:     I can't....  you won't.
If you say:     I am   .... you are.

The hardest passages are conquered by the mind, not the fingers.

Music is notes and rhythm.  

Everything falls into these categories.       
     Practice these concepts.


Rhythm exercises    

Drum machines have rhythm.    Metronomes don't.   Both are good.


Finger exercises
Ear training
Jam, hear the interaction.
Chord progressions

Be a musician.
Listen to music all day.
Learn about music.
Apply what you learn
Keep it simple.

Hear music in your head
Guitar will be much easier.
Listen to music.

Sing over any music you hear.
Add to the melody,
Make guitar or bass sounds.
Beatbox drum sounds.  
Imagine the "sweet" part you'd add.

Don't lose your unique skills. 

They can be re-developed,
But they may lack vitality and innocence.

Record and save things.  

Document your skills
See progress.

People tell you what to do.  
"You need to know this" really means that they needed to know it.  
Their advice can be good.  Keep your goals in mind.

Example: Major bar chords    See theory
They are good for country, folk, pop and sing-alongs.  
       Less good for Gothic metal.

Imagine the sound you want.  
If an exercise takes you the wrong way, STOP.  

Avoid negative people.  
Find collaborators.
More people = better songs.

Avoid cliche ruts.
Don't practice the same things.  
Work on different skills.

Each skill develops an ability and counters a negative affect.  

example:  Scales       Play linear lines   (a cliche)
                  Chords      Play interval skips, less linear.  

                  Finger exercises    Chromatic skill  (using non-scale notes)
                  Scales                     Diatonic skill  (using scale notes)  

                 Jamming         Great for creativity, inspiration, and finding variations.
                 Songwriting     Focus on details, make it performable.

Any skill can be profound at the highest level.
Combine them.

You don't need to learn theory.  
Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Dave Navarro (and others) just played.    
See theory or theory philosophy

Don't get overwhelmed.  
Many great guitar players "know nothing".  
They play, listen, and react.

Easy guitar lessons

Guitar color patterns

See the key.   Learn theory.    No memorizing.  

Newest color coded guitar fretboard pattern

Drop-D minor 

Theory      Major - minor        Modes


Standard:     E  A  D  G  B  E
     Not too easy.
     It's convenient.
     You can play all key signatures within 5 frets.

Drop D:      
 D  A  D  G  B  E
      Play the 3 low strings with one finger.
      Slide it up and down.  

Open tunings:
       The open strings make any chord.
       Each fret is the same type of chord.  

                            The open strings play Em7,
                            The next fret will be Fm7
                            Then F#m7, etc.

        Pick a chord you like. 

         Tune to those intervals.  
         Chord player      hear chords with extensions.
        Randomly tune.
 Whatever sounds good.

        Slide 5, 7 or 12 frets.
They sound good together.
         Add any notes.
   Do you like them?

         Document the tuning.
  If you like it.

Tuning example:  

         Yellow dots           =    The fingering pattern.
         White numbers    =     Intervals                         (1  3  5)  is major       theory
         Black numbers    =    The tuning.                     (+5)        that string is tuned to..... the 5th fret of the string below.

bar standardflat finger major

Both sound like a major chord. 

Standard takes time.
The alternate tunings let you play now.

There is endless possibilities.
 See tunings         


Guitar is the hardest band instrument.
It takes 2 hands to make 1 note.

Singing is easiest.    
See singing

It gets music in your head.
It makes guitar easier.

It helps you write melodies.

It makes songwriting easier.

It makes you a worthy band member.  
Chicks dig it.  So do guys.

Start today.
It takes a day to learn and a lifetime to master.

Sing scales and chords.     See ear training.

Play chords using open tunings.  Sing a melody over it.

Moving patterns

Make a riff and slide it  5 or 7 frets
Or any distance. 

Play it in the new position.  
This is chromatic playing.       (using non-scale notes)  chromatic   theory
The notes use the same pattern.
Thus they sound good.

Slide 12 frets:
This is diatonic playing.       (using scale notes)   diatonic theory
You're playing octaves       (same notes, higher or lower)


Any style song can be:   

Heavy          Intense, edgy, strong,  
Light            Introspective, gentle, soft, 

It refers to the feeling you get.
Jazz can be heavy         Metal can be light.
Major can be heavy       Minor can be light.  

It's not about speed.
"Iron man"                                    Slow and heavy.  
    "The Nutcracker Ballet"              Fast and light.
    "Beethoven's 5th"                        Medium and heavy.

It's about attitude.  
Music reflects the feelings of its creator.
It re-creates those feelings in you.  

Play something heavy or light.  
Inject feeling and soul into your music.   See playing with feeling
It doesn't require talent, skill or technique.  

Choose a concept.  Feel it and play it. 

Bad News

Guitar takes time.  
It takes 8 years to be a doctor.   Guitar is similar.  
If you work 3 times harder, you'll do it in 4 years.  

To get results fast:
Apply every principle you can.
Practice 3-5 hours a day.  
Stretch and rest your hands when they hurt.
Jam often.
Simplify and get to the essence.
Visualize music before you play it    (or as you play it)

"It's a very hard instrument to accept because it takes years to start working with it, that's first, and it looks like everybody else is
moving on the instrument but you.  Then when you find a cat thats really playing you always find that he's been playing a long
 time, you can't get around it."           -Wes Montgomery

"When you find guitar players that are playing, you'll find that at one time they never cared if they never played, they were going to
 keep on until they did.”           -Wes Montgomery

"Patience is bitter, but it's results are sweet"           -Nietzsche

"The man without patience is like a lamp without oil"          -Andres Segovia

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