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Guitar & Drum tab, with a chord diagram and lyric line. 
This is the best tab on the internet (I'm biased).  It helps you write songs and remember them.  Regular tablature lacks information.  What's the rhythm of the riff?  What's the chord shape for the riff?  This system fixes those issues.  It also provides a line for lyrics.  This is the tab I use.  It's invaluable.

6 string guitar tab      6 string soloing tab           7 string guitar tab           8 string guitar tab         

6 string guitar tab

Right click: "save as" and print.

 blank 6 string guitar tab

6 string guitar tab for solos

Notating solos with traditional guitar tab is a pain in the butt.  You might as well learn how to read sheet music.  The chord shape changes on every beat.  This tab fixes that problem by providing a chord chart on every beat.  The other problem with traditional tab is that some notes are held and others aren't.  My system provides a drum chart.  Simply put the note in the right spot. 

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blank guitar tab for soloing

Color sheet music: guitar & vocal range with TAB

This is a version of my color sheet musicUse it with the music theory key wheel and the guitar fretboard color patterns.

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color sheet music guitar tab

7 string guitar tab

I made this for the hard rockers out there that needed  a proper system to notate music.  Learn how to read sheet musicIt will take you to the next level.   If you'd like a soloing version of the 7 string guitar tab, let me know, and I'll make it for you.

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blank 7 string guitar tab

8 string guitar tab

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blank 8 string guitar tab

I really need your help.  I have a plan to help the world with music.  I don't want to be a rockstar, I want a spiritual awakening.   Please link to my site from any website you have.  Thank you so much!