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This color coded guitar fretboard teaches you how to play guitar fast.  See the location of every note, scale, chord, mode and chord extension.

Put this on your guitar

It builds subconscious awareness.  Tape it on your guitar with clear tape, or use sticker printer paper. 

Right click, "save picture as" and print.               
color coded guitar fretboard

ATTENTION:  I've learned that Windows 10 (and possibly 8) is rescaling the image so it prints at the wrong size.  There are several ways to fix this.

Option 1:  Download for free.  Install it*.  Save the guitar color pattern (the above image) and Open it with  Go to File and Print.  It should print correctly.   * will be downloaded as a zip file, which you might need to extract first.  Google the term .zip file extraction. resize

Sorry, I will be making a comprehensive fix this week.  Today is 1/17/2018

If you're confused about how to use this pattern, go to my excellent music Theory page. 

Use it with the color sheet music and keywheel.

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Make your own version.

I use, which is free.

Blank template:

Older pattern   Drop D


This printable color coded guitar fretboard helps you learn how to play guitar.  It shows you the locations of notes, scales, chords and modes.
It shows you the interval relationships in every key.  

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