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Color sheet music is the best system for notating music.  I spent 5 years designing this method.  It works with my guitar fretboard color patterns I use this notation system everyday with my students.  Color sheet music is an upgrade 400 years in the making.  The hard part was devising a system that allowed the staff lines  to be clearly seen, and still make sense.  Many people use a rainbow spectrum, and that's not effective.  My system provides a clear advantage.  Certain lines are distinguishable immediately.   This helps you quickly identify notes, chords, and all relevant data.  Many musicians are forgetful (for many reasons) and this sheet music system breaks through that barrier.  It helps you professionally convey musical ideas.  Use this notation system
with my color key wheel and fretboard color patterns

Piano staff

Right click: "save picture as" and print. 

color sheet music

The above version is for piano players.  Use it to notate piano parts that accompany a guitar part. 

Guitar & vocal range

The next example is for guitar players and vocalists.  Use it with the fretboard color patterns.  If you don't know how to notate rhythms, check out rhythm notation and rhythm exercisesCombining these lessons with colored sheet music gives you a professional work flow fast.  Remember, the  main goal is notating ideas quickly and easily.  If you can capture the essence of the song on sheet music, you'll be ready to work in the music industry faster.  That's your short term goal.

Right click: "save picture as" and print.

color sheet music

Color codes:
B = Blue    G = Green    D =  Red    A = Purple     E = Orange Gray     F = Yellow Orange     C = Purple Dash

key wheel linkguitar color link

Guitar & vocal range with TAB

Right click "save picture as" and print

color sheet music with guitar tab

Visualy oriented people use standard sheet music.  If you have any dyslexia, it won't happen.  It's hard to recognize the lines and spaces at full speed.   This color system helps you play better, faster. 
Notating music is similar to reading a book.  You can do it!!.      

I have a plan to help the world with music.  I don't want to be famous.  I want a spiritual awakening.   I also want to promote positive music  through this site.  Feel free to contact me, all styles are welcome, as long as you believe you're a positive force that is helping the world!!! 

Please link to my site, that helps a lot.  You can use these learning systems on your website, but please keep my name somewhere on  it and link!  If you want to upgrade it, feel free.  Any site links or link sharing will be appreciated. 

Thanks, Josh