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742 crosspicking patterns:

These crosspicking patterns make your hands strong, fast and coordinated. 
They use chromatic scales so you can avoid cliches and create a unique, signature sound.  Crosspicking is commonly defined as a syncopated bluegrass technique, but that's not accurate.  I used to crosspick across all 6 strings at 200bpm.  These exercises gave me that ability.  I found them in a book and it's the best guitar book I ever bought!

Increase speed, strength and touch.   Develop chromatic ability.

Instructions for using these exercises.

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guitar crosspicking patterns chart 1

Crosspicking motion chart

The next chart shows crosspicking motions for the exercises.  The red arrow shows the pick motion.  Sometimes the pick sweeps into  the next string, and sometimes it jumps a string or changes direction.  Apply these patterns to the exercises and see rapid  results.  The pick motions teach you insane crosspicking techniques. 

I used to be one of the best guitar players in the world but I was too stoned to do anything.  These crosspicking exercises teach you skills you can use immediately.  Play them at least 1 week, and watch your soloing skills explode.

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crosspicking patterns motion chart 1

Crosspicking pattern chart 2

This is the second pattern chart.  Use it like the first one.  You can make these exercises diatonic (using scale notes).  Simply apply the pattern to any scale and riffs and solos will create themselves.  Make sure to record while practicing and applying these crosspicking ideas.  That way you'll never lose a good idea.

Instructions for using these exercises

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guitar crosspicking patterns chart 2-1

This is the second crosspicking motion chart.  It shows an advanced crosspicking roll that allows you to sweep to the next string, while skipping strings in between.  It gives you the high pick jump you need to cross pick properly.  I used to play these cleanly at 200 bpm. Today is 2/13/16, and I'm devoting the year to get get good again and I'll use these exercises to kick ass.

Crosspicking motion chart 2

crosspicking patterns chart 2 motion

These crosspicking patterns are amazing and you'll be much better in a few months.  Play them with a metronome or drum machine.   Speed up every day. Make sure to crosspick clean and smooth.  If it's not clean, its wrong.   Slow down. You'll improvise better and write riffs and solos that will blow your mind.  These lessons help every aspect of guitar playing and songwriting. They also help you learn how to fingerpick.   Please link to my website.  If you use these crosspicking lessons, please keep my website name on them!!!   Thanks, Josh.


Using crosspicking patterns

These exercises build speed and accuracy.
They develop chromatic ability.  (using non-scale notes)


Use a metronome
You'll play faster and cleaner.
You'll see progress faster.
Play at one tempo
Change the tempo daily. 
Play the hard exercises at 1/2 the speed.   
For max speed:  hammer on - twice as fast    (no picking at first)
Pick at a steady tempo.  
Play a 4 note hammer-on burst, twice as fast.  
Go back to the slower tempo.  Do it again.
When you're ready, play it fast and pick it all.

For detailed instructions, see guitar soloing.
Crosspick from the top or bottom string.
Practice starting from either.

Play with a drum machine.  
Try to pick the exercise rhythmically.

Crosspicking vs Fingerpicking

      Crosspick            Crosspick, or hybrid  (pick + fingers)
      Fingerpick             This is easier, eventually. 

      Neither        Hammer-on as fast as you can.  Try to be clean.  
                          This makes you play fast.

Each skill sounds different.         Practice them all.

Exercise notation

Each exercise has:
Basic moves and variations  


 A           Four fingers move

class a

B            Pick three, Pick one

class B

C            Two move, two don't.

class c

 D           Move between strings,  2 strokes.

class d

E            Move between strings,  1 stroke.

class e

F              Alternate strings,  2 strokes.

class f

G          Alternate strings, 1 stroke.

class g

H           Focus on finger 1

class h

I              Focus on finger 4

class i

Stretch Variations         

Apply these to every crosspicking pattern.    
5 frets covers every note in every key.       

If a stretch hurts, stop.

1 - 234123 - 4

12 - 341 -23 -4

The last two are hard.   If you can't do it, it's OK..

1 -2 -3412 - 3 -4

You'll become a crosspicking master.  

Please link to my page.  I have a plan to help the world with music. 
Musicians have secret power.  It's true.  Music is the universal language.  So play your way to the top. 
Blow peoples minds and help me, help you, save the world. Peace, and happy crosspicking! 

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