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Dancing changes your state of consciousness.  
Tribes dance as they play their drums.  
Musicians dance and head bang while they perform. 
I dance and enter a zen trance. 
I connect with the music and my body represents it.

 "You don't go into war sitting down"          -Tom Morello      

Dancing helps you focus on the rhythm.
You keep time and flow with the music.  
Get into it.  Move your head, shoulders, waist, arms and feet.  
It doesn't matter how you look.  It matters how you feel.

Sway to the beat while you play or sing.
Move your head in a figure eight pattern.
This puts you in a light trance.
Relax and imagine you're alone.

Listening leads to dancing.   See listening
Dancing is reacting to the beat and the song.  
You don't need dance moves. 
Dance moves are like guitar licks, they're great until it's time to improvise. 

Anticipate the changes and change with the song.
Sing along with the song while you dance.  
Make up your own part or follow the melody.
Cup your hands from your mouth to your ears, and re-direct the sound so you can hear it. 
This works great at the bar.  You'll look funny though.
If you can hear your vocal tones, you can hit the right notes.
Otherwise it's not singing practice. 

Just do it.

You're automatically sexier if you try to dance. 
People will respect you because you're doing what you want to do.
If they don't understand, it's their loss.

Actual dancing

Pick part of the rhythm that repeats at a regular interval.  
Make sure it's something you can predict.  Choose a body part to represent it.  
Create a physical movement that represents that sound.    

Convention doesn't matter.  How you look doesn't matter.  It's purely what you feel. 

When you can repeat that move every time, pick a different part of the rhythm and represent it with another body part.
Eventually, it'll be automatic.  Your body will respond from the first notes to the last.  

With practice, you can anticipate changes, and subconsciously know what the change will be.  
It's a blast.  I dance all the time.  It's my favorite thing to do.  


Move your arms in flowing circular motions.  
Experiment with different ways your arms can move.  
Tai Chi is flowing.   The kids who dance with glow sticks are very good.

Move your arms at the same time
, in the same motion. 

Alternate arms
Move one arm, then the other.  

Hop to the beat.  
Double hop on one foot, then the other.
Double hop, then pause, then double hop on other foot.
If you lose your groove in a song, simplify until you find it again. 
I hop to the pulse and visualize the dance that needs to happen.  Then I let it happen.

Jump to the beat.  Alternate jumps and hops.

Head bang.  Don't hurt your neck.

Bend your knees.  Twist your knees.  Lift your knees.  

Kick your feet to the beat.    Angle your feet different ways.

Move your shoulders, upper body, lower body.  

Practice each set of movements separately.

Combine these motions so they represent the song.
You'll be dancing like a rock star.  
You'll be getting down.  
You'll be in the zone.  

It's a lot of fun, and worth the effort. 

Dancing will keep you young and strong.
It puts your bones, tendons and ligaments back where they should be. 
I've been hurt many times at the start of the night, and a night of dancing FIXED it.