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It's hard to believe video games make you a better guitar player, but it's true. 


This is the #1 guitar video game.  You plug a real guitar into a PS3 or PS4 and control the action on screen.
It improves every aspect of guitar playing.  Here's a review.  They gave it 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

Guitar Hero and Rock Band

These games make your fingers fast and agile.
You have to move them in rhythmic patterns.
They are great warm-up tools. 

Play them on expert if you can.   
You'll play every note.  
It simulates power chords, solos, rhythms and section changes.  
It requires fast and precise finger movements.  
Sometimes it's harder than a real guitar.    

Use the practice mode.
Slow down the song.  
Play through any mistakes without re-starting.  

The song is presented in manageable sections.  
It labels parts based on similarity.  
Play any section over and over.

Why it works.
When you jam, you play amazing things without thinking.
You're in the zone and it just happens.

Guitar Hero takes the opposite approach.  
It forces you to play amazing things, and you get in the zone as a result.

There are 3 Guitar Hero games, and more are on the way.

Sing Star and Rock Band

You sing along with known songs.  
It helps you sing in key, and see the melody visually.

This game has a drum set, mic, and guitar.
It's similar to guitar hero.
Drums are the most fun instrument.

Other video games and typing

Typing helps both hands,
Try to type fluidly.  Use the right finger to hit the right key.  Avoid hunting and pecking. 
Get both hands on the keyboard and use every finger.

It really helps two hand tapping techniques and fingerpicking

Any video game, increases finger agility and "reaction time".