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Do your stretches

You should be strong, fast, accurate and graceful. 
This isn't contradictory.   Fast twitch muscle fibers make your fingers fast and accurate.
Getting too strong, too fast, is bad.    

"To do what I do, you've got to be strong or you'll get tired.”      -Ry Cooder

"I work with my musculature.  I do a lot of push ups and I work with a small weight for my wrist.  Playing is a muscular activity as well as a spiritual one."     -Vernon Reid

Beginners and Intermediate players*

*For definitions, see practice

Beginners can lift weights without hurting their skills. 
Be careful though.

exercises.  Avoid 30 - 50lb dumbbells, or higher.

Push ups:
do these against the wall if you're weak or if your shoulders are bad.
I do them on a picnic table, with my fingers extended over the sides.

can hurt your shoulders.  Don't go down all the way.  Just flex at the upper range of possible motion.

Play afterwards, and the next day

Play guitar at least 3 times each day.  Play at least a half hour at a time.  More is better.
This integrates speed and accuracy with your new finger strength.

Your fingertips can get too big.  
Be careful.  If your fingers get too strong, or if you're overweight, a diet can fix this.

Now that I'm older, I can do hardcore exercise and maintain low level advanced guitar technique.  But it took YEARS.  I'm 36 now.
If I was playing 3 or 4 hours a day, I'd need to follow these rules again.  The higher levels of playing require extreme touch and technique.

Pros and World Class players

Becoming a pro-level player makes your hands strong automatically, but your arms and wrists might be weak.

Weight lifting destroys guitar skills fast.  
I lifted weights and played very fast when I was jamming daily.

Lift weights with your arms instead of your hands.    See no finger stress (below)

Do core body exercises.

Strengthen your abs and back.

Mild finger stress

Push ups  
I do them on a picnic table, with my fingers extended over the sides.

These are hard on your shoulders if done wrong.   

No finger stress

Wrist & ankle weights.  
I prefer the adjustable weights.   Do curls, arm extensions, overhead raises, etc.
I wear them on my wrists and ankles and use the skating machine while I shadow box. 

wrist weights

Tension bands.  
Loop it under your foot.  
Wrap socks around the other loop to protect your palms..
Do arm extensions, curls, arm circles, etc.                          

Weight lifting hooks or straps

weight lifting hooks

These help you do shoulder shrugs, deadlifts and other exercises etc.
A strap can allow for even more exercises because it wraps on the bar.
Watch your toes.

These are the highest rated from what I've seen.

Hanging straps:

You can reach behind your back and grab your hands while you're hanging.  This shreds your shoulders.
These straps also work your abs, back, and core.

hanging straps


Don't put weight on your fingers in a hanging position

NO dead lifts, shoulder shrugs, heavy bar curls, pull ups, etc.  
These exercises destroy your skills, unless you practice a lot.  And even then, it's hard to balance these exercises with high level guitar playing.