Inspired guitar playing is a paradox.
  It requires:
Thinking without thinking.    Knowledge applied through an empty mind.

Strength  and  Finesse (touch)  
Experience and  Innocence
Tranquility and  Passion
It can be simple and complex

When you improvise on a guitar, you're an extension of the universe.
The sound comes to you...and through you.

Basic lesson plan

Never give up.                                Play guitar 15 minutes to 5 hours a day.  Stretch your hands. 
Take care of your hands.          Daily weight lifting hurts your guitar playing.  So do landscaping jobs, construction, etc.
Be patient                                        Play everyday, until you die.  Music is for life.    

You can learn this

I had zero natural talent.
I was a visual artist first.  Playing guitar was very hard for me.  I've been very good, several times, in several styles.

I'm playing again, and getting good right now.    This website is for all of us..

Beginners      Easy music creation.
Practice         Create a personal routine for your guitar lessons.

Browse the site and learn how to play guitar your way. Use the guitar lessons that make sense to you.