Guitar playing requires focus.   Meditation provides focus.
Meditation helps you feel the music, truly hear what you're playing and move beyond cliches. 
You'll channel the music of the universe, understand who you really are and reach enlightenment.      

Water metaphor:

Imagine you're a well.  
Water rising through toxins is poisonous.   The toxins represent anger, attachment, unhealthy diet, jealousy, pain, memories, greed, addiction, and everything else that holds you down and chains you to your past.

water bad

Pure water represents God consciousness.  This consciousness is the source of all music.  It's the happy place you reach
through meditation.  It's a source of clarity, understanding and perfect love.

water good

As you approach the source, you'll rock harder.  
It's the source of all energy and life.  It's connected to everything under the surface.  You're an extension of the universe.  When you rock, the universe rocks with you.  

It's waiting for you.

"Spiritual and artistic levels are the same, there’s no difference...  I want inspiration to take everything I have, everything that is me...   If I can get out of the way, if I can be pure enough, selfless, generous, loving and caring enough to just abandon what I have and abandon my silly notions of  what I think I am...   then the music can really use me.  Therein is my true fulfillment.  That’s when the music starts to happen...  it's selfish to impose yourself on the music..."       -John McLaughlin     

My three meditations:

Breathe in and clear your mind.
If you have a thought, imagine it's a balloon and let the wind carry it away.  Don't fight your thoughts.  Watch them rise and move past you.

Visualize a suffering person.  Watch the pain leave their body as you breathe in.  It flows into your heart as a black cloud. 
Your heart becomes a pure white light that destroys the black cloud and purifies their energy.   As you breathe out, watch the pure light leave your body and fill them, healing them and helping them feel good again.  Visualize white light filling your body.  Now visualize that light spreading out and covering the entire earth.

Mantra of Padmasambhava
Padmasambhava is the father of Buddhism (the way Saint Paul is the father of Christianity).
He blessed this statue 1300 years ago because it looked like him.  Thousands of people have reached enlightenment while meditating in front of this statue.  I saw a bright flash of light while looking at this picture and saying his mantra.

Stare into his eyes.  Say his mantra              

Ohm   Ahh   Hum   Vajra    Guru   Padmah   Sidhi   Hum

Ohm       Ah        Hung       Vajra       Guru       Padmah        Sidhi        Hung 

It will hypnotize you.
  Clear your mind, breathe and relax.  Padmasambhava blessed this statue.  Ask him for his wisdom mind.  

Padmasambhava blessed statue

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Breathing tips

Breathing affects your brain pattern.

Breathing affects your health:
Surgery patients heal twice as fast and hurt less.

Nose breathing is better.
It releases Nitric Oxide.
It boosts mental function and helps creativity.
Mouth breathers have more heart attacks and ADD.

Exceeding 14 breaths a minute causes fight or flight responses.
Lack of air causes depression.  You'll be somber and listless. 

Diaphragm breathing

This helps you learn and remember things.
Touch your belly button.   Breathe.  Try to make your hand rise and fall.

Breathe in:      7 counts   
Breathe out:    7 counts.

Do this for 10 minutes.

zen woman

Full breath

This relieves anger, anxiety and stress.
Breathe.  Your belly button, chest and shoulders should all move.  Do this 10 minutes.

Triangle  4 - 16 - 8

This boosts creativity and inspiration.   It also helps you sleep.  

4 -16 - 8  is the breathing ratio.
   Count as you breathe.
      Breathe in:     4      

      Hold it:          16 
      Breathe out:   8 

Use the Indian counting method.  Each syllable group is a 4 count. 

Breathe in --------
Dho da la ma    
 1     2    3  4     

Hold it ----------------------------------------------------------------------
Dho da  la   ma   Dho  da  la   ma    Dho  da   la    ma     Dho   da    la   ma
1      2     3    4      5       6    7    8       9     10   11  12        13    14    15   16

Breathe out ------------------
Dho da la  ma   Dho da la ma
1     2    3   4      5     6   7   8

Do this for 10 minutes.

Alternate nostrils

Break thought patterns and stop self defeating behavior.

Breathe in one nostril and breathe out the other.   Now switch.  Press on either side of your nose to block the air.
On a brain scan, different sections of the brain will light up.  The brain reorganizes itself.  Do this for ten minutes.


Box breathing   4 - 4 - 4 - 4

This helps you defeat fear.  

Breathe in:      4
Hold it:             4
Breathe out:    4
Don't breathe: 4

Use the Indian counting method.  You might pass out.  Conquer the exercise and your fears.   Do this 10 minutes.

I saw a light

I read "The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying."   The stories seemed very real.  Tales of past lives, children reciting Buddhist texts without reading them and dead bodies disappearing like Jesus did.

It also contained the picture of the statue blessed by Padmasambhava.

Looking at this statue can help you reach enlightenment. 

Many people have experienced it.  I stared into his eyes and said his mantra.

"Ohm Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Sidhi Hum"

I slipped into a deep trance and
everything went gray.  Then I saw a bright light, just left of center.  

It looked like a cartoon star with 4 points of light.  I looked at it and it disappeared.  

It was very bright and it was amazing.  For the next week everything seemed bright and very clear.  
I was in a great mood.  Nothing could affect it. 

I've never seen it again.   If you want to see it, it won't be there.   Wanting is desire.  Desire is an obstacle.

woman zenWhy this is logical

Everything is empty space.  
If the nucleus of an atom is the size of a tennis ball, the first electron is located two miles away.

1 teaspoon of compressed matter weighs more than all the cars on the planet combined.
 That teaspoon of matter weighs 100 billion tons.  

"Solid" particles like electrons and protons pop in and out of existence.  They move forward and backward through time. 
They're simultaneously matter and energy.  They exist in every location at once, until you look at them.

Everything is an illusion made of light
The Buddhists call this light the ground luminosity.  Understand what it is, then experience how it is.  Buddha said "everything is empty" 2000 years ago.  Was he guessing?


We have the experience of "observing" things.   Scientists don't understand how that works.  They know how we see but they don't know how "we are."  The soul is missing, but it's obviously there.

The observer is also found in machines.   See Spirituality  

Everything is the same.   Protons, neutrons and electrons = energy
These particles pop in and out of existence.  No one knows where they go.  An atom from your body just took a trip to the moon.  An electron from your body just jumped across the universe and came back. 

You're soul is undefinable. 
Everything is the same. 
Matter is solid energy. 
Particles travel through time.
Don't be quick to dismiss anything in this universe.

More strange things:

See Spirituality       

“The lifestyle, staying up all night, chicks, too much drugs, all kinds of stuff.  In the rock style of life at that time there was no discipline.  You took everything all the time…It drained me.  It made me realize that…  I needed to know about discipline.  Now I know that out of discipline comes freedom.  When you’ve got discipline in your pocket you’ve got punctuality, regularity, meditation.  When things get too crazy…you can click a switch and go into your own sanctuary
 and play music that is stronger than the news.”       -Carlos Santana

I made a “commitment to close the book on drugs and booze…” I started reading books on Indian spiritual masters.  “It inspired me to work harder.” Inspiration is “like having a different kind of energy, pure energy…Sometimes it’s totally in this center of creativity and it just flows through you…  You don’t have to worry about who’s going to like or dislike it."        -Carlos Santana     spiritual genius

You are not your body.  You are not your emotions.   You are not your thoughts.  These things are impermanent.  You are unchanging awareness.  Eternal.  Without beginning or end.  Nothing can disturb your profound inner peace and Buddha nature. 

Your inner sanctuary of peace and love is the wisdom mind of God.


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