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Make a routine:
Stick with it.  Then change it.  

If you don't like the results: stop

Keep it simple.   Make music today.  Just do it.

Push yourself.
Each level of guitar playing takes more time.  

Use a metronome or drum machine.   
If you can't play guitar in time, you can't play.

Beginner guitar player

Play guitar 15 - 30+  minutes a day and make progress.  
Try to play 1 thing.    Make it sound musical. See beginner guitar lessons

Intermediate guitar player

Play guitar 1+  hour a day. 

Sing and play.  See singing.
Practice playing guitar faster.
Play rhythm guitar lessons

Observe the world.
Practice songwriting.  Write lyrics and stories.   Read and write philosophy and poetry.  
Write lyric hook lines

Sing melodies.  Improvise vocals to the radio.
Sing scales and chords.   Use a guitar or keyboard to help you stay in tune.
Singing over a chord track is a popular method.

Listen to good music all day.  This primes your subconscious. 

Find collaborators. 
They'll add depth to your music and push you to new heights.
Listen to expert songwriters.  The Beatles, Ramstein, The Band Perry, etc.   Buy sheet music, listen and learn. 

Pro guitar player           

Play guitar 3+  hours a day. 
Jam, sing, listen, play guitar faster, use the rhythm guitar lessons.
Apply everything.  Practice and stretch several times a day.  

Apply every method you can.           
Eat, sleep and breath music.   Love your guitar.  Jam with your friends.                 
Rock out in your head and play air guitar. 
Get the guitar sound you want, then try everything else. 

Find good musicians.                
Say no to thieves, liars and junkies. See cooperation and business methods
Don't give up on your dreams.   If it's worth doing, do it.

Visualize success. 
It's called "the secret".  Imagine that you have what you want and be grateful, and it becomes real.

Form a band
Buy cheap equipment and a nice effects pedal.  Jam daily.        

Develop song ideas.  Jam some more.    
No ego.  Work together.  Explore good ideas.   

Promote yourself.                 
Make a website, give away free music, find fans and sell stuff.  Promote the band and give good shows. 
Music Industry Business tips

World class guitar player

Play guitar 5+  hours a day with focus and desire.
Get a fast guitar and take care of it.  
Find good musicians to push you.  
Love your hands and live for guitar music.  
Apply everything related to guitar playing.  Sing, jam, play piano, meditate, read, write and live well.  
Practice everything, but focus on getting the results you need from your guitar lessons.   
Think about guitar music all day. 
Eat good food, exercise and stay healthy and sexy.

Play guitar until it's better then the day before.      
Rest your fingers twice a week.

See guitar finger stretches.

Sticking with it

Guitar requires muscle memory, technique, knowledge and inspiration.

Muscle memory helps you play faster, with accuracy.  
You just do it, without thinking. 
Play guitar slow 80% of the time, and fast 20%.
1% of your cells die daily.

You lose muscle memory fast.  
Practice your guitar or your skills will disappear.  This website has everything you need to make progress.

On the other hand:
Muscle memory causes cliche ruts.
Your fingers keep playing the same things.
Finger dexterity guitar lessons, and rhythm guitar lessons help.
Take a break from your guitar lessons every few days.

The Edge never practiced guitar.  He was terrified of cliche ruts!  It worked for him.

My challenge is "tearing up the rule book and saying what can I do that no one else has done before?"     -The Edge

Reasons I quit playing, when very good.   

          I  lifted weights and landscaped for 1 week.   See hand strength
I ignored my guitar all week, and my fingers wouldn't move.  I thought my skills were "gone".  
           I got depressed.  When I started playing again 9 months later, my skills really were gone.

           I had trouble making songs.
    I could improvise amazing guitar riffs, but I couldn't play anything twice.  I gave up.  

           My friend shot himself.
    I started smoking weed again and lost motivation.

           I cut my left hand and needed tendon surgery.

           I jammed and hated the sounds I made.  See jamming.
 I'd practiced too many scales.  I needed to practice the chromatic lessons (using non-scale notes).  This gives you complete creative control.        

This hurt my progress.  

         Stretch and practice when your fingers are stiff.  Don't give up. Every second counts.        
         Simplify your songs.
         Play guitar for your dead friend, don't smoke weed.
         Sing when your hand is cut.
         Re-make your guitar sound without quiting. 

Keep moving forward.  
Breaks help you stop playing cliches but don't lose your guitar skills.    

You worked hard for your guitar skills.
Don't trade months of practice for skills that disappear.  

Guitar skills are fleeting.  
They always change.  Sometimes they change into something worse.
Document your guitar playing with a journal and record jams.  Process them and write songs.
Save your recordings as a reminder.  It's hard to play guitar at a high level.  You might need to be inspired by your past glory. 

My best routine

Jam on a guitar all day with a band.   I'll sing, play guitar and bass, play drums and work on songwriting with my team.

My 2nd best routine

2 - 3 hours of guitar  
      -rhythm exercises
      -finger exercises
      -play 1 scale and record
      -play 1 chord progression and record

1 hour singing
15 - 30 minutes piano working on a melody
15 - 30 minutes lyrics
1 - 2 hours songwriting  

Produce with Ableton or fruity loops
Jam whenever possible.

I used this routine 6 hours a day for 6 months (10 years ago) and played INSANE riffs, rhythms, lines and solos.  I could improvise parts that sounded like Dragonforce,
David Gilmore (from Pink Floyd) and fingerpicking flamenco combined. 


Finger exercises                 Play 1 group at medium speed.  I'd hammer-on twice as fast and play loud and soft.  See play fast and soloing.                       
Rhythm guitar lessons         I'd strum, finger pick, mute with both hands and sing to the rhythm.
Chord progression              I played a different chord progression everyday.  I'd play it and sing a simple melody.  I'd record if it's good.
Drop D Power Chords        I played rhythm with a drum machine and recorded if good.
Improvise riffs                     Record if it's good.
Play a solo.                          Even if sucks.  Play it loud and soft, controlled and uncontrolled.
Walk and sing                     Take a metronome.  Sing loud, heavy, melodic, pleasant, note focused, tone focused or rhythm focused. 
Keyboard                             Play chords, melody, notes, or rhythm.  Find good tones.
Write lyrics                          Brainstorm, rhyme, write dummy lyrics.     See Hook lines
Songwriting                          Diagram, analyze, play, record, listen.

Finger pick or pick              I'd use one style for a full day.  I'd use the other method 10 - 20% of the time (each day) to stay loose.  Then I'd switch the next day.

I played everything at 1 tempo for the day, and would play it faster or slower.  Example 100 BPM = 50 BPM = 200 BPM (then add triplets) = 33 BPM = 300 BPM = etc.

I haven't done that in years, but it works GREAT.  You'll be very good in a few months.  You'll be world class in 1 year.


Playing guitar fast?               Finger exercises           Playing fast       Jam    
Play rhythm guitar:                    Rhythm           Chords        Guitar Hero   
Play lead guitar solos:             Soloing,          Finger exercises,          Listen         Scales      Guitar Hero
How to play country, rock etc.              Listen     The first step is studying the style. 
                                                                      TABS      Next, start playing TAB guitar songs.
                                                                      Chord progressions     Play guitar chords, record them, play and sing over top.
How to play guitar with feeling,
happy, sad, angry, etc?                       Playing with feeling        Mood          Theory         Meditate / Jam

Play and sing?                               Sing
    Play a simple chord progression, or just play 1 chord.  Practice getting the melody right for the key.
Improvise?                                      Jamming, Finger Exercises, Scales, Chords, Rhythm exercisesListen to music,        
Build songs?                                  Songwriting,           Theory           Chords,         Chord Progressions

Heavy or light?                            The 2 main styles.  See Tunings      See Beginners (styles)  

The skills are circular.  Everything applies to everything.