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Piano roll tricks

Edit Ghost Channels

Open the Piano Roll options, go to Helpers and Editable ghosts
Make sure Ghost Channels are on.

edit ghost channel FL 12

Stamp Tool  

Open the Piano Roll.  Look for the Stamp Tool icon.

FL 12 stamp tool

FL stamp tool chords

You can select any chord with any extension.

Hover over Advanced > to open more chord options.

You can select any chord or scale and paste it in the piano roll.

The notes will be grouped together so you can move them.  To edit them, Ungroup using Alt + G


Background Waveform

FL piano roll background wave file

Drag the waveform from the browser into the piano roll.  It will show up in every piano roll for that pattern.
FL drag waveform into piano roll

Resize from left

piano roll resize from leftOpen Piano Roll options, Edit, Allow resizing from left
This allows you to adjust the size of the notes from both sides.

Hold down Alt to turn off snap settings