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Using FL Studio VSTi (Multi).dll VST
(FL slave - Ableton master)  
Make sure the FL Studio VSTi (Multi).dll file is usable by Ableton.  
Find the file on your computer using the Everything search tool.

Setup your Ableton VST folder.  Create a shortcut pointing to the folder holding FL Studio VSTi (Multi).dll.
Place that shortcut in the VST folder that Ableton scans on startup.

Load Ableton and load the FL Studio VSTi (Multi).dll file on a midi track.
Or load Ableton and then load FL Studio.

Add midi instruments or samples to your FL channel rack.  To make the channels pretty, hold shift and click.
To send to a mixer track, click and scroll up or down.

FL channel rack routing

Open the FL mixer.


Transfer the pretty colors from the channel rack.
Select a channel in the channel rack.  

Insert 6 is the next open channel.

Right click the track
Select Channel routing and Route selected channels to this track

FL channel routing

Look at the mixer.  The FL Studio VSTi (Multi).dll file allows 16 routing options.
I used the FL mixer track number as the output number.  We're looking at track 3.

track outputs from FL mixer

This is the Ableton Session view.  FL Studio needs to send sounds into it.  Create Audio tracks in Ableton using Ctrl + T
We are using track 3 and the FL Master track.

Ableton rewired with FL studio
Track 3
shows audio from FL studio.    

Yellow is the master
from FL.  
The master is set on input 16.

 Pink shows the route from inside FL Studio.

There's a right and left channel for each of the 16 outputs in the FL Studio VSTi (Multi).dll file.

Ableton input selection rewired to FL Studio

This is the list of inputs for each track.  

I used all left channels to keep it simple.