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Turn off midi typing keyboard

The hotkey is CTR + T, which doesn't always work.  
Here's the switch.  Clicking this switch also makes the hotkey active.  
This switch turns your typing keyboard into a midi keyboard.

midi computer keyboard switch

Restore the Windows task bar at the bottom of the screen

Press Alt + Enter

Sometimes you need to do it multiple times, but when you get it on, it stays on.

FL restore windows task bar

Zoom the piano roll and playlist

Zoom IN          Hold CTRL and select an area.
Zoom OUT     Hold CTRL and Right click the screen

zoom in or out FL studio

Click the center mouse wheel button to drag the visible screen.


Manual Zoom

Vertical zoom and horizontal zoom.  
CTRL + RC is easier.

vertical zoomhorizontal zoom FL Studio

Sample options


sample options FL StudioLot's of cool stuff.

Make unique.  FL has global clip control.  If you change the clip settings, it changes every copy of that clip or sample.  If you make it unique, you can change it without affecting all of them.

Detect tempo or make it fit the tempo.

Pitch correct opens Nu-tone.

Edit sample opens Edison.

Rename / color
 renames the clip or sample.

Select all similar clips is good for moving a "part" of the song at once. Moving a part of the song can create interesting harmonic relationships and sounds you don't expect.

Chop will cut the sample into pieces based on the audio waveform.

FL chop tool result