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FL Hotkeys: Best

If you have a HP laptop, click here to reset the function keys to default settings.

Window management:

Tab = cycle through windows

F5 = Playlist
F6 = Channel Rack
F7 = Piano Roll
F8 = Plugin Picker        ALT + F8 = Browser        CTRL + F8 = Project Picker  (best pattern selector)
F9 = Mixer
F10 = Midi settings


CTRL + Shift + P     Opens Project Browser  

Channel Rack

Switch between groups of patterns        Page up and Page down

Alt + Up          Move channel up
Alt + Down     Move channel down

Alt + G    
  Group channels

CTRL + F8 = Project Picker

= New Pattern               F2 = Rename pattern

CTRL + Shift + C               Copy the current pattern

CTRL + Shift + UP             Next pattern up in list
CTRL + Shift + DOWN       Next pattern down