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Both programs must be the same bit structure and must match your processor.  My computer, FL and Ableton are all 64 bit.                                                                                                                                                 

The first program opened is the host or master.  
The second program opened is the slave.

FL is the slave because it has great composing ability with it's stamp tool and other options in the piano roll.  It also has a functional step sequencer that Ableton lacks.  The clips and patterns in FL are global.  If you change one of them it affects them all. This is helpful for creating a song structure.  The clips in Ablton are independant and can be modified without changing other parts of the song.   This is helpful for refining the song and adding variety to the sounds.  Ableton lets you easily mix multiple parts together and trigger them in different sequences and record the outcome.  The ability to use session and arrangement clips in this way is a great reason for Ableton being late in the chain.  You can easily trigger sounds and loops with Ableton's scenes system.  FL studio also has bit bridging so you can use 32 bit VST's like Sylenth 1 inside Ableton without using a bridging software like J-Bridge (J-Bridge works great and is cheap.  Check it out here).

Another useful Ableton tool is the groove pool.  It's good to use late in the processing chain.  As pieces of the song are created you can add grooves to them or extract grooves from them.  

This structure allows the first effects to be applied in FL, and secondary effects applied in Ableton.  At any point in the path I can add a Blue Cat HB7 and have the ability to add multiple effects across the signal band on each channel (up to 7 frequency spectrums with 2 FX each).   

FL and Ableton must be in Administrator mode.  

It's easier if they do it automatically.  

Right click Ableton

Click on Properties

open properties

Click Compatibility
Select Run this program as an administrator

Ableton administrator mode

Do the same with FL Studio

Open Ableton first

Next open FL studio  
You should see this.

FL rewire window

If FL loads a preset channel rack, you can simplify it quickly.

Click File
New from template
Choose any style template.  I chose Basic with limiter.

FL simple setup

Select an Audio track in Ableton.  Click Audio From and select FL Studio.

routing FL into ableton with rewire

Set Monitor to IN

ableton monitor switch

Start making sounds in FL Studio.  
The red shows the audio track with FL routing.
You should hear the sounds and see them on the input meters.

Ableton meters

Now you can use both programs and rock!

If you use the FL VST you can load multiple versions of FL inside Ableton at once.  

First find the folder where    FL Studio VSTi.dll    is located.  The fastest way is using the program "Everything".
It helps you find samples and lost files.  Download Everything here.  It runs continuosly in the background and I disable it in my startups.  But it's very good when you use it.

Find the folder where this file is located.  Make a shortcut to that folder and put it in your Abeton VST folder.  For instructions, click here.