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Ableton has 1 VST folder.  They did that to maximize memory and CPU.  It's a pain in the ass.
You should make shortcuts to other VST folders and put them in a dedicated Ableton VST folder.  It's best to keep your VST folders on your root C: drive for maximum speed.  Mine are on my desktop, which isn't great.

1.  Create a custom VST folder for Ableton
Go to your C: drive.  Right click and create a new folder.  Name it something relevant, like Ableton-VST.

2.  Select the folder

In Ableton:
Click Options
Then click Preferences

ableton preferences           

Click the File Folder tab.
Make sure Use VST Plug-In Custom Folder is set to On
Click Browse    
Select the VST folder you want to use.                   

ableton preferences 2

3.  Create shortcuts for the Ableton folder

To create a shortcut, right click a VST folder and select "Create shortcut".

ableton VST folder shortcuts

Place those shortcuts in the Ableton-VST folder you made.

ableton shortcuts VST pathway

Ableton will scan those shortcuts every time it starts.   If you add new VST files
(.dll files) to the folders and want to use them immediately, click Rescan.   

rescan plugins ableton