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Click Add
Click Manage plugins

fl plugin management 1           

If nothing happens inside FL, minimize it and look on the desktop.  The  plugin manager  will be there .

desktop plugin manager fl studio

Make sure FL is pointed at every VST directory.  Click Add path to add more folders.

vst folder path fl studio

Click start scan.
Every new plugin will show up in green.  Select the plugins you want to include.  Click the box next to their name.


Select a plugin (to the right) and click plugin info
You can change the name of the instrument or effect.  Don't bother.
Instead, follow this pathway to the organizing folders.

 plugin info fl studio 12                                

Here's my full pathway.  Yours will be similar.
Effects contain your effect VST's.
Generators contain your virtual instruments.

plugin pathway fl studio

Rename any VST plugin.  Click the name once and then edit it.
Create custom folders.  These folders will appear in your FL browser, plugin picker, and ADD plugin channel.
Put any plugin in any folder.  Delete any stock FL effects you're not using, you can re-add them later by doing a scan and selecting them.  
Now you're organized and ready to rock!

manipulate plugins fl 12