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FL Slicex routing a region to the mixer

Drag a sample into Slicex from the browser.  Slice and edit the sample using auto slice.

auto chop

dull auto slicing
After autoslicing, delete any markers that are in the wrong place by right clicking and delete.

Move markers into the proper position on the beats.

Send part of the drum loop to the mixer.  You can cut the volume or add effects.  We're sending region 3 (Marker 3) to track 6.

slicex channel output to mixer


slicex articulator and layering
Deck A and B can each be sent to a separate processor chain.

Layer homonymous regions will layer all  regions with the same name.

Layer both decks will layer the entire loops.

To layer 2 or more pieces:

Right click the marker name

slicex tuen into region
If you want to trigger multiple marker regions:
Highlight an area and select turn into region.

To select the last pressed note on your midi keyboard select
Trigger note

You can select the same trigger note for different regions in both decks.

Trigger note:
slicex trigger note

Turn into region:

The brown inside of the red square is the end of the region marker, which can be moved.
This allows multiple sounds to be played with each key stroke.

slicex region markerAnother option is to delete Marker #4
The region option is better, it keeps marker 4 to be triggered separately.  

quick rename slicex
Quick rename previews each marker region and lets you quickly rename them.
This simplifies working with the drumbeat.  It lets you use the homonymous option.

Assign trigger notes to all.  Give each marker region a midi key on your keyboard.

Click the wrench tool icon:
Send the highlighted selection to the playlist as a new sample.

send to playlist slicex