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Learn new strumming patterns.  Follow the links.    

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Detailed instructions       

Easy lessons

1/4 notes      on the beat    

1/4 and 8th notes     on the beat   
1/4 and 8th notes     offbeats              
Strum up and down. 
Lift your fretting hand to mute the sound.
Or palm mute with your strumming hand.

Medium lessons

These cover every downbeat variation.  
16th notes and triplets use the same patterns. 

8th notes:      on the beat, grouped, and mixed

8th notes:      offbeats, grouped together

8th notes:      offbeats, mixed

Hard lessons

1/16th notes

16th notes:      on the beat, with 1/8th notes

16th notes:      offbeats              
16th notes:      off beat, with 1/8th notes

Tied 1/8th notes

8th tied:                                            
8th tied:      dotted quarter notes

Tied 1/16th notes

16th tied:

ATTENTION:  This is the best rhythm book you can buy.  The "Encyclopedia of Reading Rhythms (Hal Leonard).  It will make you super badass.

encyclopedia of reading rhythms

These rhythm exercises help you learn new strumming patterns.  You'll also learn how to mute at a high level with your fretting and picking hands. 
You'll play guitar faster and smoother.   These exercises also help you learn how to notate and read sheet music.  You'll play amazing rhythm guitar and
solos using this rhythm system.  Put these free rhythm lessons on your website, but please keep my name on them!!!  Thanks, Josh Grimm. 

I have a plan to save the world using music.  I need your help!  Please link to my site.