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Sequences are groups of notes that use the same pattern.

There are many possibilities.    They can be diatonic or chromatic.

Diatonic sequences use scale notes. 
These sequences might use different intervals in each group of notes. 

Chromatic sequences use any note.
These sequences use the same intervals from one group to the next.


Use the sequencing chart (below)

Highlight your scale
This scale is a minor scale   1,  2,  b3,  4,  5,  b6,  b7       See theory, major minor or modes     

Mark the note you want with a black circle
Each line with a circle represents one note.  
diatonic sequence explanation

Use dividing lines                                                      

Follow the pattern and the scale.

This sequence uses a four note pattern.   Separate each pattern set.                                      

The pattern is the same but the intervals are different. 

       Set 1  =  1   2      b3    4
       Set 2  =  1   b2    b3    4 
Set two starts on the 2nd interval of the scale.  You can use any starting interval.    
Sequences commonly use 3 or 4 note pattern sets

3 notes = probably triplets
4 notes = probably 16th notes

You can use any number of notes in a pattern set.

This shows the sequencing chart.


Follow the interval pattern exactly.
Don't follow the scale exactly.
The intervals in the first pattern set are 1  b3  5  b6
The intervals in the second set are the same.
Set 2 starts a 4th up.   Use any starting interval.

minor scale chromatic example

Shape markers

An alternative marking system.

shape markers
   The numbers represent
The order of the notes
   The number of lines in each shape.

   This system saves space.      You'll have room to write variations

This is the same pattern in both charts:

sequence marker example

diatonic sequence explanation

Guitar sequencing chart

Right click "save picture as" and print  

guitar solo sequencing chart

For every sequence, click here.  Legendary resource.