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I've felt music come through me.
I was not creating it.  
I was conveying it.  
You need to experience this.   
Jamming helps.  
Meditation helps.  
Love, compassion, truth, joy and forgiveness help.

"As soon as I pick the guitar up, I'll have that, like, presence.  It just comes out of me."      -Yngwie Malmsteen

"Something inside of you that is uncontrolled wishes to express itself..."        -Eric Clapton

"Your playing becomes like a telephone.  Your just monitoring what wants to come through you.  You become a pure channel."          -Carlos Santana

"Spiritual and artistic levels are the same...  I want inspiration to take everything I have, everything that is me.... That’s when the music starts to happen....   It's selfish to impose yourself on the music..."     -John McLaughlin


The Miracle of Life                 Quantum Physics
The Mind                               Memory and the Observer
Mind Observer in action        Mind and quantum physics
Craziest sh!t        

The Miracle Of Life

30 unrelated laws of physics govern our existence.  
Gravity. The exclusion principle, the nuclear forces, etc.  If 1 law was mathematically different, we wouldn't be here.  
We'd be "particle soup."  

The odds of life forming is 1 in 10X120th power.  The number of atoms in the universe is 10X80th

The odds of it being perfect?

It's "similar to a tornado hitting a junkyard and making a fully working 747."    -Some Physicist.    

"Which by my calculations is f**king impossible, man"   -Jim Bruer  (Kenny) 

There are many interesting possibilities:
Infinite parallel universes could exist.   These universes could have different laws of physics.  We're in one that works.  
Or God
.  A universal consciousness that is all that is, and all that is not.
 Or Both.

1 universe is not perfect by chance.     

People say quantum physics makes you believe in God.

"What once seemed real now seems unreal, and what once seemed unreal, now seems very, very real."   -a physicist

Quantum Physics

What does real mean?

Everything is 99.9999999999999% empty space
Imagine Albert Hall is a giant atom.  Put one grain of sand inside it.  That grain represents the mass of the atom.  Albert Hall represents the empty space.

An atom has more empty space than that.
If a proton (a particle in the nucleus) is the size of a basketball, the first electron is the size of a period, and it's 11 miles away.
1 teaspoon of condensed matter weighs 100 billion tons.
That's more than all the cars on the planet, combined.

All the particles contained in all six billion people on earth, would compress to be the size of a grain of rice.
You're as empty as the air around you. 
You weigh 200 pounds on earth because of gravity.  You weigh 50 pounds on the moon.  In space you're weightless.  
You're weightless because your body has no actual weight.
Buddha said everything is empty.
He made that statement 2000 years ago.
 Was he guessing?

You're energetic though.
Your body contains 3,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms.
Using the formula E = MC˛, your bodies energy =  .1% of the worlds total energy usage for 1 year.

Nothing ever touches.
The electrons in your hand repel other electrons.   You've never touched anything.

Everything is the same.    

Everything is made of neutrons, protons and electrons.  (Actually there are 12 main particles) 

These particles are likely also the same on a smaller level.  

String theory says that each particle is made up of vibrating "strings".  These strings possibly exist in 11-13 or 24 dimensions of space time.  The math is flawless and circular.  The math allows for infinite numbers of possible universal laws.   This theory can't yet be proven.  But the math is indicative.  

These strings are so small.
If an atom were the size of the solar system, a string would be the size of a tree.

You are the same as these words.  You are the same as your computer.   
Everything in the universe is exactly the same thing.

You're disappearing.  

The particles in your body pop in and out of existence.  In any instant 1/2 of your body is gone.  No one knows where it goes. 
Even the nucleus of the atom pops in and out of existence. 

You're waving.  

All particles are also waves.  They change properties based on the experiment that you use.  They have the properties of both particle and wave and can only be understood in both terms.   You're energy.  You're a ripple in the quantum field.

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. "     -Albert Einstein

Electrons, protons and neutrons aren't solid.  They aren't even particles.   They are waves of energy, with no exact location in space.  They have a probability of being at a certain point in space and time.  

Solid matter disappears into empty space.


There's no such thing as empty space.  

All 'empty' voids are full of activity.  Particles come and go; created by quantum fluctuations.   They are created out of nothing and they return to nothing.  Many experiments have shown this.  (more below)
1 cubic meter of empty space contains enough energy to boil the earths oceans.

All space is fluctuating fields and particles.   As space is created, it's given some properties of  'non-emptiness'

"The most wildly improbable feature of the universe is the lump of matter that can fret over its improbability"  
       -John Horgan

The Mind

Your "mind" decides what you see.  
When the Spanish arrived in Central America, the native Indians couldn't see the ships sitting on the horizon.

Their minds had no concept of clipper ships.  The Spaniards couldn't understand why they didn't see the ships.   The Indian medicine man stared at the water for five days.   Then he saw the ships.   He told the other Indians they were there.  And only then were they able to see them because they trusted the medicine man.

A less interesting example:
You're reading and you see a word, and you miss-read it.   You look back and realize it's a different word.  But you know you saw the first word.  Or you see a picture and see "somebody," then you look back and see it's "somebody else".  Again, you know you saw it.

Your mind decides what's important. 
It fills in the blanks, and blanks out the unknown.

You only see what your mind allows.
You change reality by observing it.
      More below.

What does it say about reality If we only see things:
We agree upon?  We believe in.  We're "allowed" to see.

All knowledge comes to you through your mind.  Your mind projects a 3D reality in front of you.  
All your senses are being filtered.  

You're brain processes 100,000,000,000 bits a second.  
you're aware of 2000 of them.

Physicists say we can't prove it's not a giant hallucination. 
There's no way to determine if anything is real.   Quantum physics is so unreal it makes you wonder.

Memory and the Observer

When scientists scan the brain, each memory has a different pattern.

But they can't find the person inside of you that is looking at the pattern.  

They can't find the source of consciousness.  You have the experience of "observing".  Scientists can't figure out what allows that. They've looked everywhere in the brain.  They're clueless.  

No part of your brain can be called "the observer".   But the observer is very powerful.

Your mind / observer in action

The most mind blowing experiment ever.  The double slit experiment.  

screen setup
This diagram shows a light source and 2 screens with holes.
There is 1 hole in the first screen and 2 holes in the second screen.

A particle detector sits on the other side of the screens.

light wave tendanciesThe light moves through the first hole.
It spreads out like waves in the ocean hitting a hole in a break wall.

The light waves interfere with each other and make a pattern.
The pattern corresponds to wave pattern physics.

It's expected, and correct.

But if you shoot a single particle through, it gets funky.

1 particle

You shoot
one particle through, and it hits the detector in an odd place.
Thats strange you say.

10,000 more

So you shoot 10,000 more particles through.
1 particle at a time.

You plot out each individual strike.
And you get the same interference pattern.


So here's whats happening:

1 particle interference The particle leaves the gun as a particle
It turns into a swarm of virtual particles
They exist and don't exist at the same time.

They move through both holes in the screen at the same time
They interfere with each other.  

A single particle hits the detector.

Plot it out 10,000 times and you get the same pattern.

BUT WAIT, Now it gets weird:                    
I told you that that your observations change reality.
So observe this:

look and see and make believeScientists put detectors on the second screen
They wanted to watch the virtual particles in motion
It didn't work.

The interference pattern disappeared.
The particles flew straight.  
They went through one hole or the other.
They changed their behavior in every way.

 Because something was watching them.

The universe keeps it's options open until it's forced to choose.  

By observing the particles, the scientists
forced the universe to make a choice.

Remember, this is taking place inside a machine.
The machine forced the universe to choose.  The detectors were passive.  They sensed the passing particle and didn't interfere.
But they interfered in every way.  Scientists call this phenomena the "collapse of the wave function"

The particle is a wave until you look at it.  
Every particle in your body, your computer, your cat, follows these same principles.

Other experiments verify this.  We'll get to them.

Mind and Quantum Physics

When you look at a flower:
YOU (a ripple of waves in the quantum field) are observing a flower (a ripple in the same quantum field).
Who is doing the looking.  Who is the observer?  Are we all separate observers??   Can there be only one???

Everything we see, hear, smell, touch or taste is created in our minds by observation.  
In a sense, the entire universe is in you.

When light from a star hits your eye, it's created in your mind.  In you.  When you touch the chair, it's created as a sensation in you.
And the observer observes it.

The other craziest sh!t 

You can't measure the spin of a particle and its location in space.    
The particle will not allow it.   They've tried dozens of different experiments over 35 years..  

If you measure spin with 100% accuracy, you can measure the location with 0% accuracy.  
If you measure the spin at 50% you measure the location at 50%.  

The instant you measure one or the other, the particle disappears.

Scientists can "split" a particle in half.  If you measure one half, the other half disappears instantly, even if it's thousands of miles away.  Scientists call this relationship entanglement.  The link between particles is called action at a distance.

Scientists proved that 'action at a distance' occurs ten thousand times faster than the speed of light.   At its slowest speed.  

The particle senses something is aware of it and it disappears.
This is taking place inside a machine.   The "observer" is inside the machine as well.

Read that again, until you don't understand it.
 Einstein hated action at a distance and disappearing particles.  He helped create the quantum theories.  
He spent the rest of his life trying to disprove them.  

"God does not play dice"    -Einstein

God does play dice.  Unfortunately, Einstein died before scientists proved the theories to be 100% correct.

The Speed of Light

Nothing can travel faster then light, right?  Wrong.  As mentioned above, "action at a distance" occurs at least 10,000 times faster.
But there's more.  Scientists can trace the birth of the universe down to a tiny fraction of a second.  Prior to that, physics totally breaks down.   Soon, they'll know even more.  What they already know is astounding.

In the first miliseconds after the Big Bang, the universe was in a process called inflation.  It expanded from a singularity (a point with NO dimensions, and infinite density) into a cloud the size of our galaxy.   In less than 1 second.  

Our universe expanded at a speed (3.15 X 10
12) times faster than the speed of light.


There's no reason for time to flow the way it does.   The math involved makes no specific requirements.  

Time could flow backwards, or not at all.  
For some reason we can't see the future, but we can remember the past.   We can learn from our actions and we can make different choices in the future.

The theory of relativity says time stops at the speed of light.  Light is energy.  Your body is energy.  Remember, everything is the same.

Time is an illusion, just like everything else.

"Seen from the very top, time is only an illusion, albiet a very necessary one"    -Edgar Cayce

Photons (light particles) don't experience time.  

For a photon, the big bang and right now is the same instant.  (What??)   A photon moving forward through time is also an anti-photon moving backward through time.  

Particles constantly smash into other particles.  They travel back in time for a short period, and than smash into other particles and move forward through time again.  

As particles in your body disappear and reappear,  half are going back in time and half are coming back.   Don't believe me?   Ask Einstein.  You're a time traveler.

If time doesn't exist, it explains psychic powers.  
You're "seeing" future possibilities.  
Each one is real, and it depends on a choice.  
Choose one path or another.  

Here's another experiment I don't understand.  
It's a "going back in time" experiment.

filter experiment
They shoot a particle through screens with holes.
 Each hole has a "flip shut filter"
These filters will either allow or block passage.  

They tried to fool the particle.   They shut the screens as the particle reached them.   The particle always took the correct path  and made the correct interference pattern.

They shut a filter behind the particle 
after it passed through it.  

That shouldn't have had any affect.  But the particle still took the right path even though it was already past the closed filter.
It still made the correct interference pattern on the detector..

The conclusion was:  The particle "went back in time" to adapt to a choice that was made in the "real world".

Particles have no respect for time, but they do respect your choices and observations

Religious Implications

Disclaimer:   These are my opinions.  It's ok to disagree.
God is everything.  
God is everything that is nothing.  
God is timeless.

You control reality with your observations.  The bible says your body is the temple of the living God.
Who is the observer?

The Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Pagan, Indian, Greek Gods appear to be the same thing.   They're love, truth, compassion, wisdom, forgiveness, clarity.  And there were also gods for animals, weather, emotions, stars, planets, concepts, etc.    Man saw Gods in everything.

The Bible talks about "free will"

Quantum physics is proof of free will.    
Particles "don't physically exist" until you make a choice and observation.   You are the captain, steer your ship well.

Some choices lead us to God, some choices lead us away. 

Love is the true measures of Godliness.  I love jesus.  

What would Jesus Do?  

Jesus died on the cross forgiving the men who where killing him.  That's the point.
Not being tortured to death.  Being tortured to death and still loving.
That's the point.

Tolerance and understanding

I heard a muslim in Pakistan say:
"In spite of being a christian, he was willing to die to save young muslim girls."   A local christian had died protecting young girls from a suicide bomber.  Religeons have fought for thousands of years because nobody understands.   It's all the same thing.

Religeons are developed by humans.   (Usually men)
Humans are always filtering the divine truth.  Jesus, Mohhamed, Buddah (and many others) were human, but they elevated themselves to see true reality.  They were pure filters.  The men who wrote down their words were less pure.
The men who kill for their words are certainly not.  What was relevant then is less relevant now.   You wouldn't program your VCR with a 2,000 year old manual.  Don't blindly program your mind with one.

Love is the best religeon.  Truth and Joy are the best religeons.  Forgiveness and compassion are the best religeons.  
If you live these ideals, you'll find God, and you won't have to look far.  Who is the observer?   

Men follow the prophets for money, power, comfort, faith, love, wisdom, peace, honor, courage etc.  Some of these things lead to Godliness, some don't.  We can all be like Jesus.

Find God with your guitar, voice, drums, keyboard and messages to the world. 
It's a great path to the pure channel.
  Jesus said "the kingdom of heaven would fit into a mustard seed."  It's a tiny seed.
Quantum anyone?

Psychic powers

I thought psychics were liars when I was a kid.  Physics showed me how it's possible.  Experience convinced me.

Psychic Powers saved my life.
I was 18, in college, and I needed a ride home.  I had a ride lined up, but that voice in my head said "call home and get a ride."
I thought "that's stupid, why would I do that?"

I got in the car.
On the way home I realized my seat belt wasn't on.  I heard that same voice say "don't put it on."

I always wore my seatbelt.  I always put it on.  I knew the guy was a bad driver, but I didn't put my seat belt on.
The whole way home I was feeling more and more edgy.

We got into town and my buddy forgot to take me home.  Instead, he turned onto the bridge.  I said "hey, I'll walk home, don't cross route 24" (known locally as the road of death).

He said "No, I'll take you back."  We crossed 24 and waited at the stop sign for 3 minutes.  I felt very sick to my stomach.  
I forgot I didn't have my seatbelt on, or I would have put it on.  

He lost his cool and hit the gas and cut off a guy in the turn lane.  It was illegal, and we were both looking at that driver.
At the last second, I looked right.   A Blazer going 55 mph was about to hit my door.   I threw myself to the side and took the impact down low.   The door impacted 14 inches and the car's frame twisted.   I broke everything below the waist..  
If my seatbelt was on, I'd be dead.
  Always wear your seatbelt, unless you're told otherwise.

The more you believe in your psychic powers, the more they show up.  

I used to use a deck of cards to ask the universe questions.  
I drew a straight flush within two weeks of starting this.  
I drew the ace, 3, 4 and 5 of clubs and couldn't believe it.  I could feel the magic in the air.  I needed the 2 of clubs, and I drew the last card "for God."  The card I drew for God was the joker!   Even using a wild card, the odds are roughly 1 in 500,000.

Clubs became my lucky suit.  It works because I believe in it.

Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce is the greatest known psychic in history.   As a child he saw his grandfather drown.  Afterwards, he told his parents that he talked to him on the farm.  

At age 18, an illness took his voice.  He didn't speak for several years.  
Someone hypnotized Edgar and in the trance he spoke.  
He described a way to fix his vocal chords.   He followed the recommendations and got his voice back.  

Someone had the leap of faith to ask him about other people.   Edgar was hypnotized again, and that worked too!

Edgar didn't want to use his skills.  He read the bible every day and he thought it was the work of the devil.  As he helped people, he changed his mind.  

Edgar Cayce had a 6th grade education.  He answered medical questions with full medical vocabulary.  He described cures that no one had ever heard of, and they worked!  He saved his son from being blinded by gunpowder.  He saved his wife from tuberculosis (at the time it was a death sentence).   He gave over 14,000 readings.  Some people who sought his advice were Rochefellor, the presidents and Thomas Edison.  Edgar was wrong about things, and skeptics point that out.  But he was usually right.      

To give a reading, Edgar had to know a persons name and location.  Once, (in a trance) he said, "he's not here."   Then he said "there's been an accident with the bus, we'll wait."  15 minutes later he said "he's here, let's begin."   Egar's son was in the room, and he went to the phone and called the man.   The man had just walked through the door of his house.   The bus he'd been riding on had an accident in front of it.

Another time, Edgar gave a woman a cure that needed "oil of smoke".   She wrote back saying she couldn't find it anywhere.  
He told her to go to a certain drug store, on a certain street in her town.   She wrote back again, saying that they didn't have it.  
Edgar wrote back: "tell the pharmacist it's on the 3rd shelf behind some bottles, way in the back."  It was right where he said it would be.

Edgar allowed himself to be studied by doctors and experts while in a trance.  He accurately diagnosed the problems of the subject they asked him about.  But they stabbed him and ripped off a toenail trying to prove he was faking his trance.  Edgar never allowed himself to be "studied" again.

During World War 2, Edgar gave up to a dozen readings a day for families inquiring about soldiers.   He also gave himself a reading that said "slow down, or you'll die."   Edgar couldn't say no to people, and he didn't slow down his readings.  He died.

Edgar said we all have the ability to do the things he did.   We need to let go of our ego and attachment to ourselves.

Daily email of wisdom from the readings.  It's usually relevant to something in your life.  

7 Prophecies    
Personal spirituality
Akashic Records  

Religious people often call Edgar a fake or a heretic.  He helped more people in his life than almost any of them.  

Thoughts on the Universe

There's at least 400,000,000,000 galaxies and each one contains up to 400,000,000,000 stars.  There's at least 100 stars in the universe for every grain of sand on planet earth.  Calculations have been done to estimate the amount of life in the universe and even using the most harsh criteria, the number is estimated to be at least 100,000 intelligent civilizations.

Scientists don't know what shape the universe has, but they say it probably doesn't have a boundary wall.  You'll never reach the edge.  Some people speculate that it folds back around on itself.  If you left the earth traveling in one direction, you could theoretically return to the earth after traveling a trillion years at the speed of light.  
Based on the expansion rate of the universe, it's almost perfectly balanced between expansion and contraction.  If there were even 1 extra atom (or less atom) per square meter of space, there wouldn't be life.  The average for the universe is 1 atom per square meter.

The odds of this being perfectly balanced are 1 in 300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.
If it wasn't balanced we wouldn't be here.  The expansion or contraction forces would have prevented galaxies and stars from forming.

This is very odd, and it's VERY similar to a quantum bubble in a particle (as a particle pops in and out of existence).
Is it possible that our entire universe is merely a distortion of space time in another universe.  We're the atom in a fly's eye? Maybe?  Maybe not?  Who knows?

The newest theories envision a construct called the multiverse.  Each universe is created with a big bang, and the shock wave sets off another big bang in a universe "next door" and so on for eternity.  Scientists found evidence of a potential shock wave, but they said it could also be a few other things as well.   These multiple universes could explain the high amounts of precision required for us to be here.  Eventually one would be created where life could be possible.

Creation VS. Evolution  

Both sides are right.  
Lets examine the description of creation.

"In the beginning...the earth was a formless void...and darkness covered the face of the deep...Then God said "Let their be light"
        A description of the Big Bang?  (which happened, by the way)

"Let the waters under the sky be gathered together into one place and let the dry land appear."  
       The oceans were made by water from comets hitting earth.  Volcanism created one land mass (Pangaea) 

"Let the waters bring forth swarms of living creatures"
        Life first appeared in the oceans

"Let the earth bring forth creatures of every kind."
        Then came the land animals.

The bible was written two thousand years ago.  That's a pretty good "guess"  they made.
Lets give these people credit OK?

"Then God said, "Let us make humankind in our own image, according to our likeness."
             We're created in the image of God, meaning that we are also creators.  
             Just as God created, we create our lives everyday.
             We create with our "quantum choices"
             We are all sparks of God's consciousness. 
             Who is the Observer???     God is.    Through You!!!!     


"Something inside of you that is uncontrolled wishes to express itself...  I need to let the thing express itself without controlling it.  It's that outside influence and self conscious approach to your playing that actually ends up destroying it."          -Eric Clapton

“Once you feel forgiven for whatever things we do as monkeys, imagination comes back...  When you are clean, then you are not blocking the flow of creativity,  your playing becomes like a telephone.  Your just monitoring what wants to come through you.  You become a pure channel.  The most beautiful music goes beyond the musicians who played it...Sometimes you tap into it…It’s like putting a leash on your mind and all the things it brings, and making them work for you..."  The things that hold you back are “your mind, self doubt, insecurity, deception, ego.  Those are the things that block pure creativity.”          -Carlos Santana

"I was a seeker and I still am a seeker, even music is secondary to me.”       -Carlos  Santana

John McLaughlin, a very inspired guitar player says....   "I feel music needs the content of a consciousness that is an ascendant attitude...  What I just said implies you have to be religious, which is not true..."   "I'm talking about consciousness and a mutual acknowledgment of God, the creator of us, the creator of music.... I hate to sound holier-than-thou, because religious judgment is nonsense...."

Spiritual and artistic levels are the same, there’s no difference... Music is my voice to God.... What I'm doing is basically a musical prayer...."   When I walk out on stage, I want inspiration to take everything I have, everything that is me....  If I can get out of the way, if I can be pure enough, selfless, generous, loving and caring enough to just abandon what I have and abandon my silly notions of what I think I am, and become truly who I am, just another child of God, then the music can really use me.  Therein is my true fulfillment.  That’s when the music starts to happen....   it's selfish to impose yourself on the music..."

Technical skill won't block divine inspiration "when the artist is wholly integrated in himself.  I'm alive.  I have an intellect, a heart, a physical side and I want to integrate all three to be whole...."

"Everything I have is at the disposal of the divine grace, which is manifested in the form of true inspiration, which gives the possibility of complete artistic and spiritual liberation in musical form...  If on stage I can manifest spiritual liberation, then the music will be full of it, and I believe whoever can identify with the music will enjoy the same experience."        -John McLaughlin