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Your hands should feel the same, everyday.  

Stretches help when you're sore, stiff or cold.  Your hands get stiff when you play guitar, work, lift weights, ride bikes, etc.  
They also get stiff when you quit playing.

Up, Down squeeze together  

 2 down 2 up 2

Squeeze across the palm

palm fist 2

Bend back the thumb

bend 2

Compress the fingers

compress 2

Wrist stretch

wrist bend 2

Rub the joints

joint massage

Hand lotion keeps the joints flexible.
I like Gold Bond Ultimate healing

If your tendons hurt, rub the back of your hand.  
This helps prevent tendinitis and carpel tunnel.
If your hands hurt, stop for the day.

Shake your hands over your head.  
This loosens up your fingers.