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Students only learn when they're ready.

“Students will learn what they want, when they want…You give them a Study, a scale…they’ll work on it…come back, pass a test and then promptly forget the whole deal.   Whereas if they were taught the scales as they apply to something, say improvising, then a good learning experience will result.”      -Howard Roberts

Keep it simple.  Don't get overwhelmed.  

“It’s constantly being suggested…that there are a thousand things to learn, but there aren’t…Hundreds of tunes are put together with the same doggone chords, sequences, scale passages and interval skips…If you have a complicated scale you want to play it’s just a compound of simple moves.”       -Howard Roberts

Learn things that allow you to make music right now.  

“Players can improve their learning by putting what they study to immediate and practical use.  If they don’t that knowledge will vanish.”       -Howard Roberts

Just do it.

“Long term goals can be very destructive to your development.  If you say ‘two years from now I’m going to be so-and-so good,’ what you’ve done is to sentence yourself to two years of intermediacy.... To me you are either doing it or you aren’t.”             -Howard Roberts

Do or do not, there is no try"      -Yoda

Work on things that get you closer to the sound you want.

If I was to teach someone, "I'd have to start with what they liked... Make every effort to get as close to what they wanted as quickly as possible in order to scratch that itch.  If you can accomplish something, then you've made that leap of faith that it's possible to play the guitar"        -Jerry Garcia

Work on everything else to expand your possibilities.

More quotes

"I taught for a while, before I could play well. I learned a lot doing that. Teaching gives you opportunities to observe how people learn and that's very good feedback."      

 "People learn by one of three approaches, or a combination.  Some learn best by having something explained to them. Some learn best by seeing somebody play.  Some learn best by hearing.  It's helpful to know what kind of learner you are, and once you've gotten into learning from one source; you can become aware of the other ways of learning."       

 "I stressed teaching how to hear and learn things off records, because that was the way I knew best."

 -Jerry Garcia

"My only philosophy has been to make people aware of their weaknesses, but with each person it's different.  Some people need to be encouraged that it's possible for them to be good players.  Other people need to be made aware that there are other things they should work on.  Players get to that intermediate level, where they can play pretty good, and that’s a dangerous period because they tend to play only the things they can play well instead of things that they can't."        -Pat Methany

“Practice for a short period of time so there is no possibility of exceeding your attention span.”    

If I have a chord form a student can't play, "I'll leave out a note and simplify it."  Another problem I have with a student "is where I can grab two strings with the end of one finger and the student will have to use two fingers.  I also use my thumb for notes on the fifth and sixth strings, a lot of students can't do this."      -Tal Farlow

You can be a teacher right now.
You have this website to provide the knowledge.